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Main » 2009 » November » 14 » XBOX is ran by The Gestapo, and yes They Do HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!!
9:22 PM
XBOX is ran by The Gestapo, and yes They Do HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!!
So some would ask why it matters, it’s just a "gamer Tag" but when I started gaming before the wind before the snow, Gummyballz was born and since has flourished into something more than a handle, my Identity. I live breathe and will die gummyballz. So when Xbox without warning or a chance to defend myself goes and does something like this, it’s like they are trying to MURDER Gummyballz. I won’t die so easily. This could be you, they can do what they want without repercussions. Last time I checked I live in America, I am a disabled Vet, I have stood up for the weak, meek and those whom did not know how to defend themselves. I Believe that I have done my duty and deserve the freedom I fought for as much as the next guy/girl. We all do, especially when we pay enormous amounts of dollars to play. · I call upon my fellow citizens to help fight the tyranny of evildoers. Join forces to ensure that this won’t happen again. They need to change their hypocritical policies. It is not ok for me to rock my Identity, but it’s Ok for the games that we play to have drugs violence, and sexual content, on and off of "LIVE" I have rocked gummyballz on live for over a year, since I bought my BOX, paid for the 1st year, no problems, I pay for another year, and now 4 months after I have payed, I am deemed offensive. Yet not so offensive to take my money, nor to offensive to keep emailing me at my gummyballz@cox.net account(yes you can email me with your comments) so with all that said. Am I the only one that finds this unprofessional?? Better yet, when I called to complain and find the right avenue to do so, I was told by Alfred that he is the Top dog and gatekeeper, and while I have payed well of a thousand dollars for all my games, etc.. I am not worthy enough to talk to anyone that can help. he tells me that he is the boss and what he says goes. I find it funny that Alfred has never been mentioned as the CEO of XBOX and Microsoft. I find it odd that the self proclaimed boos of Xbox doesn’t even live or work in the USofA. I am sorry if I am so arrogant to think that I have the right to speak to the one that is charge of those that deem me inappropriate. That’s like getting arrested and not allowed your day in court. So please Call Alfred and tell him its not his call, nor his right to kill gummyballz ·
Toll free: (800) 4MY-XBOX · Direct dial: (425) 635-7180 ·
Blow up their Phone systems and their email with complaints, they can’t ignore all of us….
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